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April 1990 Tasman-Nelson Storm
An electrical storm and heavy rain hit Nelson on the 27th of April causing power failures and road closures.
March 1988 North Island Ex-tropical Cyclone Bola
Ex-tropical Cyclone Bola struck most regions of the North Island, in particular Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and Northland, bringing widespread damage with combinations of heavy rain, flooding, high winds and heavy seas. Two people were drowned in Northland, three in Gisborne and two in Hawke's Bay. Three people were injured by high winds in Taranaki. The tail end of the cyclone later struck Tasman-Nelson.
January 1986 Nelson Flooding
Heavy rain brought severe flooding and slips to the Nelson area. A Civil Defence Emergency was declared for the region, and properties and roads were damaged. A boy was drowned in a Nelson stream.
October 1983 Marlborough and Tasman-Nelson Flooding
Severe flooding and slips closed roads and Civil Defence emergencies were declared for both Tasman-Nelson and Marlborough.
July 1983 Upper South Island Flooding
Heavy rain caused severe flooding especially in Marlborough and Golden Bay.
April 1976 Northland and Tasman-Nelson Winds and Flooding
High winds were experienced in Northland and Tasman-Nelson. Extreme rainfall brought flooding to the northern Tasman-Nelson area, and one woman was drowned.
April 1975 Tasman-Nelson and Marlborough Flooding
A weather bomb caused flooding in Marlborough.
March 1975 New Zealand Ex-tropical Cyclone Alison
Ex-tropical Cyclone Alison caused high winds, heavy rain, flooding, slips and high seas around many parts of New Zealand. Much damage was done to roads, rail and both public and private property. A girl died in the Waikato after she touched a felled electric wire. A car accident on a flooded road in Canterbury saw one woman killed and a girl injured. Some people were also injured when a car fell into a road subsidence in Christchurch.
March 1975 Tasman-Nelson Flooding
Heavy rain caused flooding in the Tasman-Nelson region. The Golden Bay area was hit the hardest.
August 1970 Upper South Island Flooding
Heavy rain, flooding, slips and high winds occurred in parts of the upper South Island. Roads and properties were affected. Flooding was severe in the Nelson area, and two women were killed, one by a flooded stream and one by a landslide.
April 1968 New Zealand Ex-tropical Cyclone Giselle
Ex-tropical Cyclone Giselle affected every region in New Zealand, with high winds, heavy rain, flooding, landslips and high seas. The interislander 'Wahine' sunk in Wellington Harbour during the storm, with the loss of 51 lives. Other casualties: one in Northland, two in Wellington due to high winds: a man who went missing on Stewart Island. Weather-related injuries were reported in Waikato, Manawatu-Wanganui and Wellington.
March 1968 South Island Flooding
Heavy rain caused flooding in Tasman-Nelson, Canterbury, Otago and Southland. Otago was hit the hardest with high repair costs along with heavy crop losses.
August 1965 New Zealand Flooding
November 1963 New Zealand Storm
There were high winds in Wellington and flooding in the West Coast. Lake Rotorua was lashed by winds and rain and four people were drowned in a boating tragedy.
May-June 1962 New Zealand Flooding
April 1957 Tasman-Nelson and Marlborough Flooding
After six days of heavy rain up to the 12th of April, Tasman-Nelson experienced severe flooding. Heavy rain commenced in Marlborough on the 15th causing less severe flooding.
March 1954 North Island and Tasman-Nelson Storm
High winds, heavy seas and torrential rain hit areas of the North Island and Tasman-Nelson from the 5th to the 8th of March 1954.
May 1950 Upper South Island Flooding
The torrential rain brought the rivers on both sides of the Alps into high flood.
May 1949 Tasman-Nelson Flooding
There was flooding in Golden Day after several days of heavy rain.
February 1949 Upper South Island Flooding
Tasman-Nelson and Marlborough experienced heavy rain and high winds. West Coast experienced severe flooding in the Buller and the Grey River which lead to heavy stock losses.